Strategy for Creatives: Business Minus the Bullshit

3 Tips for an Organized Business

May 24, 2022 Sasha - Business Strategist Season 1 Episode 31
Strategy for Creatives: Business Minus the Bullshit
3 Tips for an Organized Business
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Of course, we all want our businesses to be successful but one of the key ways to achieve success and growth in our business is with organization. Having an organized business is just as important as having a growing business because making more money is not worth it if you are dropping the ball with your clients and you are all over the place 95% of the time. Take a listen to three (mostly) easy ways you can get organized in your business so you're ready when your business starts to grow.

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Welcome to Strategy for Creatives: Business Minus the Bullshit. Whether you're new in business or find yourself in a season of change, get ready to build a strategy, create an action plan and crush those goals. I'm Sasha, host a strategy for creatives. And I help female led businesses grow their brands in authentic, measurable and meaningful ways, without the stress. There's no sugar coated here, I'm serving up real tips and actionable steps you can take to help get you organized, get off the path to burnout and grow your brand like a boss. So go ahead, pull up a chair, grab a notepad, and let's talk business. Welcome to Strategy for Creatives: Business Minus the Bullshit. I of course, am your host Sasha and today we are talking about how to have an organized business. So of course, a lot of the podcast in general focuses on how to organize your business better. But I just wanted to do essentially three action items for you today; three tips on how to organize your business better. Because if we are growing in our business, but it is not organized, we are going to feel so much more stress, and we are not going to enjoy doing our business. Having an organized business is just as important as having a business that is growing because making more money is not worth it if you are dropping the ball with your clients, if you're all over the place, and if 95% of the time you feel stressed out and you just don't enjoy what your business is doing. And so organizing your business to allow it to function better, will take a lot of that pressure off and will allow you to scale your business in a way that both makes senses, that has built in strategy into it, but also is going to relieve a lot of that stress on the back end for you and just allow you to show up better for your clients. So the whole episode is essentially going to be an action item today. And I will start with tip number one - invest in support. I did a whole episode before on how to outsource in your business, when it's time to outsource, why you need help. And I even talked about last week why you need an outsourcing and hiring strategy. But investing in support in your business is the easiest way to help you be more organized in your business. Now it's not going to help you get more organized. Because if your business is a shitshow to begin with, bringing someone on board into that chaos isn't going to help right off the bat. But what it can do is help take some of the stress off of you. And hopefully, if the person you're bringing on board is a little bit more organized in their own business, then they will allow you to function a little bit better with the organized chaos that you have going on in yours. You do not have to do business alone. And I've told you time and time again, that outsourcing and getting help in your business is essential to helping your business grow. It also just helps you in general, run your business better. I outsource whenever I can in my business. I currently have a virtual assistant, who essentially takes all of these podcast episodes and turn them into blog posts for my website. I have a Pinterest manager who takes all of those blog posts that I put on the website, and all of the products that I create, all those freebies that you see on the website and puts them on Pinterest. And so I outsource those big pieces of my business. Because I need the help. I do not like to write my blogs. I don't mind doing it. But if it's up to me, I always wait till the last minute. And because of my marketing strategy, I need those blogs to be written. And so it made more sense to just find someone who could do that for me. I also knew that Pinterest was extremely important in my business, but that I wasn't utilizing it to the best of my capability. And so I outsource to find someone who could help me do those things. And when you outsource or invest in support, you can focus on your zone of genius, and have someone come in that's going to organize your back end from top to bottom and kind of help you with those things. One of my clients is amazing at what she does, she's a designer and she's good at designing. All the other things that her business she's not so good at. So she has someone like me who comes in and helps her organize her business better, who helped her come up with better workflows and better processes. She has a copywriter on her team because she knows she's not the best with words, and that she needs someone to help her express what she's designing in words and help her say it better. She has someone who helps pitch for her to get better and bigger projects because that's not her zone of genius. And so when you invest in that support in your business, it is going to help you be more organized in your business. There are also people who can help you organize your business in a way that makes sense for you. So if you for example, use Dubsado or Click up, or you want to automate pieces of your business, there are automation specialists who can come in and set up those systems and processes and set up those workflows for you. So that way your business runs more streamline in a way that when that person is done working with you, you are able to function better in your business. So not all support that we need in our business is an ongoing thing. It could just be that we need someone to come in, help us organize, get things to a state that we can then manage it, and then we no longer need their services. But investing in that support can help your business grow and can relieve a lot of that stress from comes with managing too many things. You also want to and I was just talking about this, implement systems. Utilize systems and tools in your business that save you time. Again, I did a whole episode on automation. I did one talking about the differences between client relationship managers and project management systems. But those types of systems and tools, project management, task management, client management, those are all a great place to start to help your business become better organized. Automations workflows, those tasks that we do repeatedly, that don't require us to put any input into them, it's simply something that gets done over and over in our business - again, those are great things to automate. Because that can help our business run more streamline. When I talked last month about prepping your business for the summertime, having systems in place is a big part of that. Because when you have systems, you are able to take time away from your business without feeling like you're missing something or that your clients aren't going to get the best service just because you're not there. Having systems in place is a great way to organize your business to free up more time for you. And to allow you to enjoy the time that you do have working in your business without feeling like it's becoming too repetitive. And lastly, you want to take time to stop and organize your business. You want to do it before you become too overwhelmed or too stressed out to do it. When we reach that stage of burnout, when we are at that point of growth where we have too many clients that we can effectively manage, and we don't have systems in place, or we have too many clients and we're not charging them enough. And so we feel stressed out and our mental capacity just isn't there to work on those back end things in our business, it can be hard to enjoy the business that we have. So take a day each week, I talked about this. I also have a challenge on my website about this the five day CEO challenge but take a day each week to focus on the back end admin tasks and organization of your business. Pick a day a week, pick an hour, if you don't have a day, where you can sit there and think about how to better organize your systems. Think about how to better plan your day. Do those bookkeeping tasks, do that website maintenance tasks, schedule and plan your content, come up with what you're talking about. Don't do any client work. Respond to emails that don't have to do with client work. Do take a day or take an hour to do those activities that are going to help you grow your business. Because if we are only focused on the tasks that are in our business, what are what we do in our business, and not the things that help us work and grow in our business, what happens is, is that we're going to get to a point where we are stale, and we can't do the things that are going to help grow our business we will literally hit a plateau. And we won't be able to move further. Because you're not working on your business. You have to work on your business and not simply in your business in order to allow it to grow. When you have an organized business, it's going to make scaling and growing much easier. It also helps to ensure that everything is in order for you to find things when you need them. For you to understand your processes. For you to start growing your team. Having an organized business allows you to do those things. Now I do know that a lot of us - the podcast, of course it's called strategy for creatives. - I know that creatives have trouble sometimes with organization. There are a lot of creatives out there who feel like they perform better in a sort of organized chaos. That they need a little bit of chaos in their life in order to function better because it can become boring without that excitement. I get all of. I would probably suggest a little bit of therapy for that because some of that probably comes from that. But being organized in your business is not going to stunt your business creativity. It actually will allow you to probably perform better in a lot of the creative aspects of your business, because your mind isn't kind of split between all of the things you have to do in the current task at hand. If you, for example, you are a designer, and you have a client that you're you know, coming up with a brand design or web design, or whatever it may be for that client. But your focus is on all of the emails that you have to respond to, or that proposal that you have to send out or that you know, you need to do your bookkeeping, or you really need help with someone to write this copy for this client, and you don't know who you're going to ask for that; that hinders your ability to work at your best capacity and in your zone of genius for that client. When you start to do all of those things surrounding your zone of genius, when you start to do all of those things that help you manage your business better, it frees up a lot of mental space. So that way, you can actually focus on your zone of genius and the work that you're doing for your client stress. And being disorganized does not help us in our business. It does not help us function better, it does not help our business grow. And so if you are being more organized in your business, if you're taking the time to invest in support for your business, figuring out who can help you, and what items you need help in if you're taking the time to implement systems in your business, to set up automations and workflows and standard operating procedures. If you're taking the time to set a day aside and do that admin work and have a CEO day and do all of those activities that are working on your business and not simply in your business. If you're taking the time to do those things, then your business is going to by default, become a more organized business, and therefore become a business that's more scalable and easier to grow. It can be hard to grow a business when we are growing a business in chaos. Because a lot of the times what happens is clients are not going to get the best version of us. We will feel like we're all over the place. We don't know where our client work is, who's doing what, where are they in the process, what do you need to send to them next, does somebody owe you something? That chaos will not give the client the best customers experience and it also will stress you out, which means you're not able to function as well as you should be in your business which doesn't help you or your client. So take the time to develop ways to become more organized a bit in your business and watch how your business is able to grow a lot more easily and without a lot of the stress.


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